Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Truck Accident

 Unfortunately, accidents involving a truck trailer can be much worse than other accidents. It has been estimated that 10 percent of all fatalities are the result of a truck accident. As a result, having the advice and guidance of a good injury lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of a case. Also, an injury lawyer can advise a client on the laws specific to trucks. Truck Accident.


If a person has been involved in a truck accident, the first step should be to consult an injury attorney. The attorney can determine if there is a case. He or she can also advise on who to sue and how much to seek for damages. There is only a case as long as the client is less than 50 percent negligent. Also, there may be cause to sue more than one defendant, such as the truck driver and the trucking company. Damages can include a wide range of things from pain and suffering to loss of wages.

Complaint Phase

The first phase of a law suit is the filing of a claim against the driver of the tractor trailer. The injury lawyer will file all the necessary paperwork. He will also respond to any counterclaims or any third-party claims that might be filed against the client. This can be a huge burden for an individual who is not knowledgeable of the process and the laws. Injury Claims lawyer.


For the victim of a truck accident, the discovery phase can be scary and complicated. A good injury lawyer can take care of many of these details. He will investigate the trucking companies. It will not matter if it is out-of-state. He or she will also subpoena evidence such as the driving log and GPS records. If witnesses need to be interviewed for depositions, the lawyer will also handle all of those details.

Alternate Dispute Resolution(ADR)

Before a case can be brought to trial, most states require that the parties involved attempt an alternate dispute resolution. This is meditation with the aid of a third party. The idea is to reach a negotiated settlement before going to court, and thereby reduce the number of cases brought to trial. Of course, having an injury lawyer will smooth this process out and ensure that the client's rights are protected.


If the mediation fails, the victim of the truck accident will have to go to court. This is when having an injury lawyer will be invaluable. He or she will present the case according to the laws and procedures of the court. The lawyer will also handle any appeals that may be filed if the outcome of the trial is unfavorable.

Because an accident involving a tractor-trailer can have disastrous results, a client should always seek the aid of an experienced injury lawyer. He or she can help the client determine if there is a case and then help the client wade through the complicated process. Without such help, the victim can expect to receive microscopic compensation for damages, especially if the other side has helped. Truck Injury Law Firms