What Should You Look For During A Divorce Lawyer Initial Consultation?

When preparing to file for a divorce, finding the best divorce lawyer is one of the most important preparations that should be made.

As qualified as many divorce attorneys may be in their field, not every attorney will be a match for every client needing their service, and vice-versa.

How Do You Find Outstanding Divorce Lawyers?

So, how can someone heading into a divorce find the best divorce lawyer to help them with their case?

Meeting with divorce lawyers for a consultation to see if they are the ones to hire is a great idea.

These important observations and questions noted during a consultation can help those in need of these services find a lawyer with whom they connect well and can feel comfortable working through their divorce case.

  1. Impression - What impression does the lawyer give initially and throughout the consultation? Professionalism, strong ethics, and an appreciation of confidentiality are all very important qualities for divorce lawyers to have from the start.
  2. Experience - What experience does the divorce attorney have? What types of divorce cases do they work on and what kinds of results have they gotten throughout their legal career? While most divorces are straightforward, those that involve special circumstances or have the potential to become highly complex due to assets, children, or other factors require legal assistance from attorneys with experience in those types of divorces.
  3. Availability - Inquire about availability to ensure the attorney has the time to work with all of their clients. Every client deserves clear communication from their divorce attorney as well as enough of their time to handle all caseload requirements and, when necessary, build an effective case for their client for going to court. Divorce lawyers with too many clients and not enough availability can end up spreading themselves too thin at the expense of the clients.
  4. Overall Outlook - How does the divorce lawyer react to the information they are receiving during the consultation? Is their outlook in line with the client’s to a reasonable extent or do they sound pessimistic from the start that they can get the desired results? While it is true that some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to divorce, the best lawyers can present potential scenarios to their clients that are both realistic as well as possible and illustrate a willingness to work together.
  5. Fee Schedule - Lastly, discuss fees including retainers and fee schedules ahead of time so there are no misunderstandings once a contract is signed and the casework gets underway.

A great divorce attorney is a critical asset for anyone preparing to file for divorce.

With the above information gathered during an initial consultation, anyone seeking a divorce lawyer whom they can see eye-to-eye with should be able to find which one will be the best match for them!