Understanding Child Adoption

Child adoption involves a court order that is granted making a guardian the child’s legal parent. Moreover, all legal rights of the child’s family end. The adoption charge is permanent and irreversible. The child takes your surname. However, qualified adoption attorneys will help you in the whole adoption process. 

Who arranges adoption?

Adoption is usually organised by official adoption agencies. They are usually local authorities or voluntary organisations. Adoption agencies choose people to adopt kids. They ensure that individuals who want to adopt meet particular legal requirements. Adoption agencies also have their own guidelines which they apply to gauge and match people wishing to adopt with the available children. Visit this site to read more on children adoption act.

Who is qualified to child adoption?

  • Age limits- You must be at least 21 years, but there’s no lawful upper age limit. However, your adoption agency must trust you that you will able to meet the needs of the child and that you are in a good health condition to start a family.
  • Couples- Any couple living together may opt to adopt a kid. This also includes same-sex and heterosexual partners living together and married people or those in civil partnerships. 
  • Single people- if you’re a single person you are allowed to adopt. However, adoption agencies rarely approve a single person for very young children or babies.
  • Divorced people and those with other children may also apply.

Go here to find out if you are qualified to adopt a child.

Who cannot adopt?

You will not be approved to adopt if you have past convictions, if you’re not employed or not reached a particular income level and if you have serious ill health.

How to apply

If you need to adopt a child you can opt to go to a local authority with adoption service or a voluntary agency. You are also required to offer personal information such as ethnic origin, age, occupation, religion, the kind of child you want to adopt and much more. Click here to get more information and advice on child adoption.