Drug Charges Can Vary

Medical experts argue that most illegal drugs have negative effects to the health of human beings. This argument is supported by statistical data which suggests that 67.96% of the total number of people who take illegal drugs have been affected adversely health-wise. Contrary to these arguments, business people suggest that the sale of drugs greatly improves a country’s economic status. This difference has resulted to a GREAT debate which led to the creation of the Drug Charges Law.  
Drug charges law are the laws that have been created to deal with illegal drug use, illegal drug possession, drug trafficking and any other financial transactions related to the sale of illegal drugs. Basically, a drug charge involves the punishment given to those involved with the afore-mentioned drug mistakes. These are not just the illegal drugs but are also the drugs that are subject to the substance law i.e. Drugs regulated by the country’s federal laws. Read more on www.ggjlaw.com 
Punishment given to drug criminals is chiefly determined by the type of drug involved and the intent the defendant has with the drug. It is true that conviction for drug mistakes has very severe punishments. However, this has NOT solved anything since drug trafficking has become a booming business worldwide. Doesn’t this raise an alarm? Should the government make the penalties stiffer and even more severe? Click here to learn more.  
Most people support the view that using illegal drugs is a chief contributor to criminal offenses and thus the drug charges should be made stiff. It becomes shocking when these same people get involved in either drug trafficking, taking the drugs or even both. Yet again, the obvious defense used by these people is: Drug use is an innocent crime and should thus be treated contrarily from all the other criminal offenses. Illegal drugs are harmful and we should fight them thus promoting the drug charges!